This is the Ten Minute Film Test

Welcome to my movie review blog. 

I love horror, but I review all type of movies as well as some short films.

My purpose is

to help others dig through the many choices of what to watch that modern technology provides us. Do you sometimes spend too much time just searching for something to watch online? I hope this helps you;

and to help weed out the bad stuff and let the best stuff rise to the stop and encourage filmmakers like myself to raise the quality of a market that is saturated with low quality work. 

I also discuss filmmaking, especially the step outline of the first ten minutes.

And I encourage anybody to check out my work on my filmmaking blog: http://fredltaulbeejrfilmmaker.blogspot.com/.

and my YouTube filmmaking channel HERE.

I directed most of Gothic Vampires from Hell and have no excuse for what I did there. I did NOT shoot the title sequence or the nude scene though, so maybe there is hope for my work.

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Fred L. Taulbee Jr. 

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