Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Forbidden World (1982) Ten Minute Film Test

Forbidden World (1982) Ten Minute Film Test
Produced by Roger Corman.

Script breakdown with times below video.

Script breakdown

0-1:55    (2:00)
A tunnel of light on a monitor like Galaxy of Terror
robot awakens
their ship is hurtling through space
classical music
robot awakens human
human seems to be flashing back to other movie or something, lots of nudity, is this a sequel?
might be a flash forward

1:55-3:40 (1:45)
man awakens
robot warns that a pack of other ships is on their tail
they start getting shot at
man is stiff but tries to come back to life,
human pilot defeats attackers

3:40-5:40    (2:00)
their ship is damaged,
human fixes it,
they defeat more ships,
more classical music

5:40-6;45 (1:05)
their ship is being redirected,
 leave time cancelled,
hyperspace exactly like galaxy of terror

6:45-9:10 (2:25)
robot flies ship,
approach planet,
intro woman,

9:10-    hero robot meet woman and man in charge of place,

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